Saïdia Lakes is a course designed by Francisco Sgales that was built in the image of the American championship courses.

This is the best Morocco can offer you if you want to experience the target golf.
You will be faced with its water obstacles, bunkers and island greens. And to top it all off, the 18th hole offers you a spectacular finish. This par 72 of 6160 meters is neither too long nor too short; This is what keeps it playable, fun and challenging at the same time.


Francisco Sgale
Opening date
Number of holes
6,160m Par 72
The nature of obstacles
8 hectares of lakes, 75 bunkers
Total area
63 hectares


To the east of morocco’s Mediterranean shores are the Golfs of Saïdia, in the heart of the eponymous seaside destination.

The Golfs thus enjoy a beautiful situation in the Mediterranean climate by proudly facing the Spanish coast.

The Golfs of Saïdia are two golf courses that amateurs as well as regulars will be happy to tame. Today, they are the pride of the Oriental region in the sports and leisure sector. In perfect symbiosis with the Marina de Saïdia, the Golfs find perfect place in the middle of large hotels.

Saïdia Golf: 2 times 18 holes

The tourist resort of Saïdia hosts two golf courses in an exceptional setting.

The first Golf of Saïdia is already well known internationally, since it, since 2016, hosts a stage of the prestigious WCGC. Designed by the talented Spanish architect, Francisco Segales, this golf course covers 6160m and occupies 45 hectares.

The second Golf of Saïdia has just opened its doors to golfers of the world in 2018. Designed by Nicolas Joakimides, it bears the evocative name of Teelal for “dunes” in Arabic. This second golf course perfectly complements this landscape discovery that will charm amateurs, as well as experienced players.


In addition to two exceptional 18-hole courses, the Golfs de Saïdia offer a variety of services and facilities to welcome golfers from all walks of life.

In particular, a Club House has been specially designed, adding even more charm to the general setting presented to golf visitors.

A prestigious Club House

The Saïdia Golf Club House is a friendly place, perfect for parallel activities for golfers or even non-golfers. After a good round of golf, enjoy the VIP lounge available for a relaxing moment with friends or family.

Waiting for guests? The Club House of The Golfcourses of Saïdia also offers a quality space to welcome them in a most refined atmosphere. Meeting between golfers, business meals, relaxing moments in front of the expanse of greenery… Your days at the Golfs de Saïdia will mark your memories with indelible ink.


The Golfs of Saïdia offer everything at your disposal to offer you the best playing conditions.
Because visitors to the tourist resort will not always be accompanied by their golf clubs, a rental service is offered. But for those who want to fully enjoy the experience, there is the Pro-shop.

For the pros

The Pro-shop of the Saïdia Golf courses is a golfer’s paradise of all kinds and ages. It offers the best of what is done in golf equipment. The biggest brands are represented for your enjoyment. Your keen eye for a golf connoisseur will surely find his happiness.

To get started

Are you a newcomer to the world of golf? The Saïdia Golf Pro-shop team puts its skills at your service to help you make the choices best suited to your level. A wide range of equipment, as well as adequate accompaniment, can satisfy beginners as well as experienced golfers.
Before tackling the 2-time 18-hole Golf saïdia, consider taking a trip to the Pro-shop. You certainly won’t leave empty-handed!


Prices are shown in dirham (Dh)

Golf des Lacs and Teelal subscriptions

Individual subscription 9 500
Abonnement couple 14 000
Young individual (-18 years old) 2 500
Individual resident on site* 7 600
Couple resident on site* 12 600

Multi-club subscriptions

Individual 13 500
Couple 21 000
Family (children included) 25 000

Green fees

Daily GF 18T 450
Daily GF 9T 300
GF Junior 18T 225
GF Junior 9T 150
GF affiliated with FRMG 18T 350
GF affiliated with FRMG 9T 250


18T cart rental 350
9T Cart Rental 250
Rental of 1/2 cart 18T 250
18T golf bag 300
Sac de golf 9T 200
Manual trolley 50
* Saidia Station Residence


Calm and well-being
Nature in all its forms

North of Saidia, the waters of the Mediterranean; further south, more inland, Oujda. Between land and sea, these two cities unfold a variety of landscapes and put adventure at your fingertips.
All around Saidia, nature likes to compose wonderful paintings. Tours are organized that take you to these masterpieces. A few kilometres from the city, Cape Ras-El-Ma is advancing into the sea.
The coastline is drawn from cliffs at the foot of which stretches a beautiful white sand beach. The more adventurous will climb the heights of the cape and, from there, contemplate the panorama, the dunes littered with eucalyptus trees. Also in the vicinity of Saïdia, a visit to the mouth of the Moulouya is a must for all nature lovers. The site is classified, all kinds of plants grow there and many birds like it.
So a lot of possibility! What not to bore you throughout your stay in Oujda- Saïdia!

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